Introducing…..The new Point DNS

New Features/Our Roadmap

Over the last number of months, most of you will have noticed some performance improvements and we now able to provide you with our public roadmap for Point DNS. As a management team our commitment to you is to continuously innovate and improve our app, our goal here is to make your work life less complex and more productive. Point DNS will, over the next 12 months, be launching integrations for services like Slack, HipChat, JIRA, Assembla, Pivotal Tracker, along with new features such as slave records, zone back-ups, DNSSEC, fall-back records, and monitoring tool integrations for your DNS uptime monitoring as well as an overhaul of our UI/UX and much more. Our request to you is simple: talk to us- let us know what you want. Our roadmap is here, let us know what you would like to see on it.




New Leadership and New investments

To make this road map a reality, the first change we needed to make was to the structure the personnel inside Point DNS. Today Cogneto’s leadership team is firmly rooted in Dublin, Ireland- we work in close quarters and have a strong philosophy around collaboration as a means to success. We have invested heavily in our engineering and design capability opening up offices alongside our Dublin HQ in Krakow in Poland. The biggest asset a business has is its team and this is where we’ve made our most significant investments to date. As far as our roadmap is concerned we are now is a position to walk the walk and realize our roadmap- not just talk the talk !!!!

New Pricing

To fund these investments and bring us in line with prevailing competitive market rates Point DNS will be announcing price increases over the coming weeks across our plans. Although nobody likes getting a price increase, it does come hand in hand with the investment we’ve made in the current roadmap development and it’s ongoing development, and the investment in infrastructure to improve quality of life, and to support the features coming. Cost wise, Point DNS remains highly competitive against our competitors- this new price point however allows us the flexibility to innovate and improve our application thus bringing additional value to our clients in tandem.

... Lastly, and on a Personal note

As CEO, I’d like to thank you for your ongoing custom and loyalty to Point DNS. Point DNS has embarked upon a mission to become the market leader in managed DNS services. Over the coming years we commit, to you, to deliver the very best product, features, support and serviceIt has been fifteen months since Cogneto announced the acquisition of Point DNS. During the intervening period Point DNS has embarked on a program of improvement and investment that today reaches a significant milestone with Point DNS relaunch and rebrand. Winston Churchill- once wrote "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often". Although we know we have yet to reach perfection, the changes we are implementing in the business are designed to bring us closer to this lofty goal.

New Look

Cogneto acquired Point DNS as we felt it was a strong established business, in a growth market with an Industry leading product. Fifteen months in, we believe that these initial suppositions are proved to be correct. As part of this evolution of change we felt that Point DNS needed a “New Look”. Today we are very proud to launch the new rebranded after all, an excellent product should have an excellent web presence that we possibly can. So, to conclude, welcome to the New Point DNS the real work starts here.

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Paul Keegan CEO of Cogneto

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