3 signs you should invest in a status page

Business is tough, your competition can be ruthless, and communication with each other has drastically changed. Whether you operate under a B2B or B2C structure, communicating to your customers, investors and the press can be challenging. Social media has increased these challenges through the immediacy of news and its proliferation, especially when a issue arises with your business.

Offering a status page to your stakeholders may be the solution. A status page is a page that reports downtime and other metrics to your customer's,employee's and stakeholder's. Essentially acting as PR machine your status page becomes “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between you and your stakeholders.”

Most status pages can be set up in less than 5 minutes, so it is not a momentous task to undertake. Here are some signs you might need to invest in a status page for your company.

Unprepared for crisis situations:

Downtime is that special time in company's life when all your customers want to talk to you, your inbox fills up, and your phone won't stop ringing. All while you are trying to fix the issue that caused the downtime. Suddenly realize that you are unprepared this crisis situation and while you want to respond to everyone personally you cant do both at the same time. Downtime happens to every business of every size, if you do not have a preemptive strike planned for when this occurs you need a status page.

Inconsistent dissemination of information

If the person responsible for updating your customers during a crisis is also the person responsible for fixing the issue that caused the crisis. This will lead to a inconsistency of emails, irregular tweets or posts on social media and all lead very confused and angry customers. If you do not have dedicated resource for keeping everyone up to date when a crisis occurs you need a status page.

Unrealistic expectations for Social Media: 

If you are relying on your social media profiles to keep your customers up to date when a crisis with your company occurs YOU NEED A STATUS PAGE. A  crisis can occur at any time of the day or night and unless you have someone who can update your social media profiles 24/7/365 your expectations are unrealistic. Add to this the fact that the fans/followers of your social media profiles are not going to see every update you post, (that is unless you are going to pay to promote every update for every profile). Suddenly you realize expecting social media alone to keep your customers informed will only lead to very frustrated customers. By using a status page you can update your customers  via email, sms, twitter and a variety of webhooks ensuring even those who don't use social media are kept aware of what is happening.

There are a ton of great companies using status pages including Emarsys, Emailage, Concur, Michigan State University, and of course Cogneto (owners of StatusHub.io). If you don’t have a status page for your SaaS product, I hope I’ve convinced you to join the ranks of these great companies.

If you would like to set up your own status page. You can avail of a 14 day free trial when you sign up with StatusHub.io today.

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