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For  online companies with no status page should be aware that while your social media channels, and your  shiny new marketing awards are great they wont save your ass when a problem happens and it is not communicated effectively with both your staff and your customers. A fact that Telenor Digital is well aware of.

Telenor is a Norwegian multinational telecommunications company headquartered at Fornebu in Bærum. As one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies it has operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. Telenor Digital is a community with Telenor that exits to shape the company's digital future. With a staff of over 150 employees their work is key to transitioning Telenor into an Internet Leading Telco.

As the home of Telenor’s high-tech development house, they create globally scalable solutions within next-generation communication services, cloud services, eCommerce, and the “Internet of Everything” for various business units around the globe, with Asia currently being their largest customer base.

In doing this, Telenor Digital enables the global distribution of their own and third party services and also support new ventures within digital entrepreneurship.

Telenor Digital had been developing their own in-house availability monitoring solution, however due to time spent on this project, it was felt an off the shelf product would offer a better experience. 

In finding a similar system, they required a service that could offer stability and a level of support availability that would allow them to investigate issues as they needed. Another requirement Telenor Digital had for the availability monitoring solution, was a service they could set up, that did not need to adjust to suit their needs.

The Engineering Productivity team was responsible for finding the software that could meet these needs, having reviewed available solutions they found that some were very expensive and others required customisation in order to fit their needs. This is when they found StatusHub.

How did StatusHub help?

As the team responsible for providing systems and tools for the DevOps-y teams. The Engineering Productivity team were tasked with finding a suitable availability monitoring service. Their search lead them to StatusHub.

One major benefit for Telenor Digital is that StatusHub and PagerDuty are easily integrated. They were delighted with how little time it took to set up their "StatusHub".  By displaying the page on screens in their office, everybody can see the status of the company at a glance.

Results, ROI & Future Plans 

Since implementing StatusHub, Telenor Digital noticed that they are able to measure impact of service availability more precisely, partly due to displaying their "StatusHub" on screens around the office. This has allowed service managers to take more control when issues arise, ensuring that they offer customers a higher level of availability.

Why should you use StatusHub?

The unfortunate reality about running any online business is that every now and again you are going to suffer some downtime;
  • Bugs in production;
  • Networking issues
  • and over 100 other little things that can go wrong throughout the lifetime of your business
If you don't handle this with the grace of a dainty little butterfly your customers and ultimately your bottom line will suffer.

As customers ourselves we have all suffered this before with products and websites we use regularly and the lack of communication is infuriating, which can lead you to never recommending them to your friends and possibly even switching to one of their competitors. This is not something you want your customers to experience with your brand.

Make StatusHub your experience revolution.

With StatusHub the good news is unexpected issues don't have to be a customer service disaster. StatusHub allows you to embrace transparency during these times which will lead to your customers forgiving you for any inconvenience caused. StatusHub gives you your very own "StatusHub" offering you a always up and always on way of communicating with your customers. This incredible tool allows you to build a world class customer service experience. 

With your "StatusHub" you can communicate with your customers about; 
  • the status of your service and its independent parts
  • planned and unplanned maintenance 
  • and incidents about downtime 

Another cool thing your "StatusHub" can hook up with some of the tools you may be already using such StillAlive, PagerDuty, VictorOps, UptimeRobot and Pingdom allowing you to automatically update your "StatusHub". Keeping your customers up to date with issues as and when they happen.

If you'd like to learn more about statushub for enterprise, visit our site.

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