Your Friday Inspiration

woman lying on a couch reading a book

War and Peace: - a book that everyone claims to have read but even fewer actually have. Perhaps its this same behaviour that has companies clamouring over each other to get their share of revenue from new and existing customers, while the delta between what brands say they do for customers and what actually happens has never been larger.

With 90% of executives saying that customer experience is central to their strategies, yet a whopping 86% don’t expect to see a significant uplift in business results from it. See the problem here is too much company-centred thinking and not enough customer-centric business management.

With the mentality of "what's in it for me" it's not hard to see why we often hear more stories of bad customer experience than good. Even when we do hear of these good stories it often comes at a surprise that good customer experience exists.

With the aim of always trying to improve how the Customer Care Team interacts with our customers. I recently began reading stories around customer experience. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the stories I found to be the most interesting every Friday.

This week the articles are centred around customer experience and how we can benefit from from customers who've had both good and bad experiences.

2% of our customers really hate us 

This post on LinkedIn comes from Shawn Gold Corporate Marketing Officer at JustFab Inc. The post takes a look at Shawn's decision to join JustFab Inc. and what he learned when he asked why do 2% of our customers really hate JustFab Inc

This article comes from Brand Embassy and it takes a look at an app that Starbucks recently released that allows customers to order their food and drinks in advance, so when they get to their local shop, it's all ready for them. However as great it seems it didn't go down to well with their customers. The article takes look at what we can learn when a company assumes what their customers wants.

How Trader Joe's consistently provides excellent customer experience 

Trader Joe’s a grocery chain, recognised for its private-label foods, and has an 800 number that provides customers with a voice recording of store locations only. Seems like rather disastrous customer service, doesn’t it? Yet ask almost any Trader Joe’s customer and you will hear about the attentive employees, swift response times and an amazing retail customer experience. Customer Guru has brought a Case Study that looks at the retail giant and offer 4 key takeaways that can be applied to any business.

I hope you enjoy these articles and would love to hear your thoughts on any topics you would like us to look at in our weekly mailing.