StatusHub for Universities

As Universities embrace the power of mobility, and  make more student and faculty resources available as an online service, the quandary for them becomes one of not just maintaining availability for what are now critical applications and data repositories, but one of managing communications around that. has been proud to have been working closely with Universities around the world on this problem.

StatusHub is one of our favourite services ever created. We don't just say that because we own it, but because we used it before we acquired it. We love the simplicity and power of the service, and the empowerment of communications management and control it puts into your hands when you operate online services.

We even use it for our own services such as PointDNS, StillAlive, Smasher, Twist and even for StatusHub itself (we won't bore you with how we use StatusHub for StatusHub - but safe to say, its pretty darn cool!). When we took notice of how many colleges around the world, or education institutes were using it in particular, we started talking with them about their experiences, and what we learned was incredible about how some were using it - even for things we never thought of like T.A. and lecturer availability. It was just so cool to see StatusHub used for this.

With some of our team having been involved in the mobility enablement space in education in previous businesses, we got the issues facing them. We understood the pressures that were now on top of them to deliver radically different I.T. needs on campus, and off campus for students and faculty alike.

Mobility Empowerment

With this demand for mobility and more online learning and campus management resources, came the issue of keeping people pro-actively informed about what was going on. Some educational institutes had on-campus status notifications systems, but many of these were unmaintained in-house built services that to bring them up to spec for what they needed was a big investment in time and resources for coding/testing not to mention maintenance. 

The great strength of things like StatusHub is that it removes the focus on building/maintaining these kind of systems, which often is not core to what the I.T. team in an educational institute does, to allow them to provide the service levels they need while benefitting from what StatusHub can do.

With these great conversations with some of our customers, it led us to create StatusHub for Universities. Recognising that the I.T. teams needs at larger educational institutes are very often more involved than what alot of our regular StatusHub users need, we've created something that reflects those needs.


It is hugely satisfying for our team to work within the education space, as this is where the next wave of founders, dreamers and 'crazy ones' will come from who will bring their visions and ideas to the world, and helping their University of choice to deliver services to make that happen is just exciting. 

We love to see not just evolution in technology use, but real revolution to allow more people to make better use of their time to do amazing things, creating engaging customer/user experiences and to reshape the perception of technology from it being a mysterious 'art' to it being a functional, attainable, usable tool to be put into the hands of as many people as possible to use to achieve their goals.

Working with Universities for us is a massive pleasure, and honour. Some of us were in University doing I.T., and we remember the early pushes to online resources within campus Intranets. Their availability was crucial to us. With Universities almost 20 years later being better equipped, with some kick-ass learning toolsets and resources, these services are even more crucial for today's students. These are the tools that also help shape future business leaders, entrepreneurs and those who will be vital employees to companies they go into when they embark on their professional careers.

It's a great and exciting time to be a part of the education digital revolution. This revolution is about helping people work smarter not harder in pursuit of their goals, which is a foundation ethos of our 'simplicity revolution'.

Check out our website - StatusHub for Universities. Try it out for yourself and bring the revolution to your college campus.