We're not giants. And it's awesome.

With so many cool services out there today for people  you can put your hands on, we're spoiled for choice. And it's great. But, behind all these cool services there's some pretty funky service providers whose tech makes it all possible. These are the real heroes. We'd like to share some of our heroes who make what we do possible and cool.

Every day I hit our office and it's never like the day before. I can honestly say I'm privileged to engage with the team (who on a daily basis teach me something new), and our customers (who several times a day without fail teach me something). While I'm in love with the services we provide, and love seeing behind the curtain, I'm even crazier about the great technology partners we work with to deliver things like StatusHub, StillAlive, PointDNS, Twist and our new service being brought to life, Smasher.io.

We've a fantastic team in Dublin and in Poland. It's full of creativity and love for what we get to deliver to our customers to make sure we try our damnedest to create good user experiences. The team are heroes. But like every hero, they are armed by a great smith. And in our case, a ton of great 'smiths'.

Companies like Twilio, ZenDesk, Intercom, Atlassian and GitHub are but a few of the real unsung heroes how we are able to do what we do. These fantastic innovators and service providers make what we do easier to allow us to focus on what we're good at; trying to create and build on some consistently good user experience services that others can bring into their business to help create and develop user trust, enhance their user's experience and ultimately as a result of that, help develop revenues.

David, who heads up our customer care side of the business loves some of the tools that help with making experience loves ZenDesk :

Its powerful filters/macros saves time on ticket management. The KB community features mean our customers have the opportunity to speak with each other

I've gotta confess I'm a long time lover and proponent of ZenDesk as a customer care tool and it just comes down to its flexibility in working in and around managing customer interactivity within a business.

Our DevOps team loves ZenDesk too, and the fact it integrates with another hugely important part about how we manage the services of our customers. JIRA, from Atlassian - whether it's pushing bugs, tracking service improvements or how we do a lifecycle management on the services, JIRA really runs central to our service management internally. We love simplicity in how we do things, as it needs to translate over into our services for our customers. Piotr, who leads the DevOps side of Cogneto loves JIRA for just this reason :
It's easy to use for simple cases with no real boundaries when there is a need to do advanced stuff

Inside Cogneto, we love our 'holy trinity', which besides containing JIRA and ZenDesk also encompasses GitHub - which we think is by far the single best GIT repository service out there, and their uptime and straightforward usability is a must for us.

Managing all of these is so straight forward, and when it comes to how we need to manage how our customers pay us; Stripe was a no-brainer. Apart from some flag flying by us being Irish, and Stripe being the brain-child of two of Ireland's youngest tech entrepreneurs, it just follows our own ideology of simplicity revolution.

When you start looking at online software services, its easy to get overwhelmed by service sprawl when you bring so many players into your stack to give you real agility, but when there's so many great service providers who take a real 'zero-b.s.' approach to how they present and do these things, managing sprawl is less cumbersome.

The point of any of these services should always be to help remove a headache, and solve a problem - not create additional headaches and present new problems, otherwise they become self-defeating in their usefulness and purpose.

As more of these kinds of services come up, it presents some incredible opportunities for some innovation into areas that either right now are on people's wishlists or as I deem it the 'damnit-why-has-no-one-done-this-yet' list when I come across something where it just screams for a third party interconnector or processor tool, or for some truly different modern take on something that's become a 'I guess we can live with it' problem.

It's a fantastic time for online services as a result of these kind of services.