joins Jack & Jill Foundation's 'Hares on the March'

Charities in Ireland for Children right now are facing monumental challenges when it comes to funding. While so many are so worthy, one of them is very close to us which is the Jack & Jill Foundation. In the spirit of our belief that technology companies shouldn't be soul-less, drone-operated, grey-suited-money-grabbers in hipster disguises, we had to do something cool with them that mirrored our love for something meaningfully good.

'Hares on the March' is one of those ideas that when you hear about it, it conjures up all the wonderful madness of Alice In Wonderland; the March Hare and the Mad Hatter's tea party. It's wonderfully vivid, and a kind of cool we particularly like in Cogneto.

When Dave Southern, the project manager for Jack & Jill's Hares on the March project told me about it, I was excited. The same kind of excited I get when it's something I really care about. Jack & Jill provide services to families with sick children such as respite care which allows parents some time to be people while their children are cared for. This is massively important for the kids and the parents.

The idea was simple; take 110 hares, and send them to a veritable who's-who of famous artists to paint/remodel/theme to take part in a display in Dublin City in Ireland, where they could be sponsored for display in the city, & eventually bought by companies to keep, which would help create something cool for kids to see all these amazing designs by some great artists, and give companies a chance to own something very cool as a talking point in their offices. It was such a simple yet hugely fun premise, & last year's 'Pigs On Parade' display in Dublin was great, with some very cool designs ('Punk Pig' by Fink was my personal favourite - as I really dig his pieces in general).

Jonathon Irwin who heads up the charity is one of the most tireless advocates for proper care for sick children in Ireland, & his team are equally as tireless as well as dedicated to that pursuit through their charity. I've long believed that as a society, we are only as strong as our weakest, & our next generations are the real key-holders to our future.

We'd spotted an artist name on the list whose stuff we love, KennardPhillipps. For those unfamiliar with their name, you may be more familiar with this image which made the front of The Times in the UK:

KennardPhillipps have also been involved in Banksy's DismaLand 'Bemusement Park', which we thought was very cool too.  We knew this was the hare we wanted to sponsor being such fans of their work. And, very proudly we have.