We're not giants. And it's awesome.

With so many cool services out there today for people  you can put your hands on, we're spoiled for choice. And it's great. But, behind all these cool services there's some pretty funky service providers whose tech makes it all possible. These are the real heroes. We'd like to share some of our heroes who make what we do possible and cool.

Cogneto.io joins Jack & Jill Foundation's 'Hares on the March'

Charities in Ireland for Children right now are facing monumental challenges when it comes to funding. While so many are so worthy, one of them is very close to us which is the Jack & Jill Foundation. In the spirit of our belief that technology companies shouldn't be soul-less, drone-operated, grey-suited-money-grabbers in hipster disguises, we had to do something cool with them that mirrored our love for something meaningfully good.