The holidays are coming

The holidays are coming and you want to spend time with your friends and family but infrastructure incidents can happen at anytime of the year and the last thing you want is to receive that dreaded call on Christmas Day; "Mike, our systems are down and we need you to fix them"

So why not use StillAlive to help StillAlive continuously monitors and test all aspects of your application acting just like one of your customers would. Helping you to avoid any costly issues if the shit hits the fan this Christmas. If StillAlive finds a problem it can text or email you with the details.

Giving you the time to fix the issue long before your customer's notice there ever was an issue in the first place. However not all problems can be fixed by waving a magic wand. When this happens you want to let your customers know you are experiencing some issues.

Thanks to Statushub you can do just that. StillAlive and Statushub are the original dream team help you to find problems, fix them and let your customers know if they are going to be a pain in their ass and for how long.

Introduction to Statushub

Sign to a free trial of StillAlive today and you can also gain a trial of Statushub using the same login details thanks to the beauty of SSO. Purchase our Start-up Plan on StillAlive or our Basic plan on StatusHub before the end of the year and get 10% off your first month with the discount code; SPOCK10.