Hi my name is David and I recently joined the Cogneto team as the Customer Care Team Lead.

Having held similar past roles in the online media development space, I worked alongside and in some great teams making big impacts on both a national and global scale. We’re building a team here with exceptional people to deliver exceptional levels of service for the customers of Cogneto.

Since joining, we’ve have set out a roadmap for the future which you may have heard our founder Ian talk about in our last blog post. As part of this, we’ve set out plans for all our products following the acquisition of PointDNS, StatusHub and StillAlive from Copper Cloud. We never believe in just evolving what’s there, but revolution. In the midst of this, we’ve some cool new services in the works which we’ll be launching soon.

The first of which will be Smasher.io, which we think is incredibly cool and when you get to know it, you’ll wonder why no-one’s done this sooner. I’m dying to tell you more about this, but it’s a service we’re putting together for a launch very soon which we believe will be a proper revolution for website testing.

To sign up for updates on Smasher, and announcements on the launch head off to Smasher.io and pop in your email address. As we’ve sneak peaks to show you, we’ll put them on that mailing list. Who knows – you might even get beta access?

As a result of our first all-hands meeting after migrating PointDNS, StillAlive and StatusHub into our frameworks, discussion around the future of each of our products internally has been exciting. As part of this excitement, we want to inject more value into these services, and what supports them.

As the guy charged with managing how we interact with our customers, I’m going to be alot more visible in your support and interactions with us. To kick this off, I’ve been reaching out to some of our less active customers through in-app discussions with the amazing Intercom.io tool we integrate with, as well as helping out the team with your support requests to us.

During these interactions, I’ve been privileged to hear some amazing feedback from you and some of your issues with the services we now own. When you take the time to provide us with feedback; good, bad and ugly, we’re extremely grateful, as you’re not only helping us to grow as your service provider who’s taken over some fantastic services, but to help us set a thermometer against how you feel about them to ensure we not only better deliver the services, but also raise the bar on the customer service level you should be getting with them.

As such, I’ve made it my mission to have your Customer Care team engage with you regularly. If you’ve a suggestion, or a gripe? I want the team to hear it, because they’re tasked with contributing to our internal forum where we run through customer feedback; dissecting it, discussing it and measuring it against our own data (which we’ve been busy adding new systems in the background to the services) to help us quantify and qualify the best way to make these great services even better.

We understand you’ve had a level of service in the past, and have certain feelings around that, but as part of my mission to drive our mission around customer experience, I’m working with the team to establish SLA’s so we can bring you a great support service. The first step of this has been for the first time with these services, building up a knowledge base for each of the services, so you have an actual self-help system to save time. As part of this, we’ll not only have easy-to-follow articles, but videos too.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, this all takes time, but we’re close to getting the starting point for these ready to go live – and using our in-app messaging system, we’ll be sure to let you know about it as well as adding it to the top navigation bars on each of the tools.

We are super excited here at Cogneto about getting to know all of you better, working closer with you on the cool things you’re using our services for, and where they’re making what you do for your own customer’s experience better. We’ve been working with some of you on developing case studies around what you do using our services, and what they do for your business – so we can’t wait to share those with all of our great customers, which we hope will help you get the most out of what these services can really do.

So, if you’ve any questions, want to share some feedback, or showcase what you’re doing by taking part in one of our upcoming case studies, drop us an email at hello[at]cogneto.io, or tweet us, @CognetoApps.


David Farrell
Customer Care Team Lead