Cogneto & Customers – change is coming.

Customers are absolutely the lifeblood of any business. They are the reason a business gets to exist & grow in the first place. Everything a business is able to achieve while having a great team inside is largely made possible because of equally great customers who continue to give their support. When customers give feedback; doesn’t matter if it’s one customer or ten, you should listen. And we have been.

Since acquiring PointDNS, StatusHub, StillAlive &, we’ve had some great engagements with many of you, our customers. It has been hugely humbling for me as Founder of Cogneto that so many took some of their valuable time to contact us, share their thoughts on the services they use; the good, the bad & the ugly.

We’re in the early days of the transition of things from Copper Cloud Inc to ourselves. Our team is growing, and we’re getting down to working on roadmaps for each of these products as we look at the feedback, feature requests, suggestions & in some cases headaches the services are causing our customers.

Last month we had a company all-hands where we reviewed everything around these services. How they’re priced, what value they give to customers, & even the user experience. We understand you love using these services. We know in the past price hikes under their previous stewardship were put on them, & people weren’t happy. There won’t be price increases. If anything, we plan on adding increased value to the services in their existing service plans, with simplification of the plans on PointDNS to bring it into line with StillAlive & StatusHub. Now, this is not a good-news/bad-news scenario. This is all good news.

We’re planning to add some new functionality to the services, making them a little more intuitive, simplifying some of that functionality, and the biggest change will be the mobile-first approach we will be bringing to the control panel interfaces. Right now for a mobile experience, the services aren’t great on a smartphone. On a tablet, they’re decent. But this level of user experience just isn’t good enough for us at Cogneto.

We’ve alot of work ahead of us to make the user experience a better base level experience to keep building upon, & this will take up the remainder of 2015. In 2016, we’ll be adding some very cool new features which we’ll disclose closer to the time of release. We’ve taken on board all the great feedback from users of the services.

Thanks for your patience, your continued use of the services – keep feeding back to us as you have; we’ll hear it & listen to it more importantly.

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Ian Bergin
Founder & GM