Where we’re going, we don’t need roads (ok, we do!)

Doc Brown might not need roads, but when you’ve incredible tools like PointDNS, StatusHub, StillAlive & Twist they do need a product road-map. Since we finalised the acquisition from Copper Cloud Inc, there’s been a massive buzz of excitement here at Cogneto HQ as we look to see what’s missing in the arsenal of each.

You, our amazing customers have been very gracious with your patience during the transition (and we know some of it wasn’t smooth), but your pro-activeness in letting us know what’s up has been terrific.

As a user of one of our tools, did you know:

  • PointDNS has users in 138 different countries around the world & is used to manage over 220,000 domains globally
  • West Coast USA is the most popular place in the world for users of StatusHub, especially in San Francisco
  • Australia loves StillAlive. Alot. So.So much so, it has almost the same amount of users there as the UK. However, in 57 countries that use StillAlive around the world, just 10% of our global user-base is in the U.S..

We are in the closing stages of finalising our product road-maps for these tools, and we’re struggling to contain our excitement around some of the updates we’ll be releasing for them. We’ve waded through a ton of feedback, read your feature request e-mails from the last 6 months, & we’ve an all-hands this month at Cogneto HQ where our team from around the globe will be joining us for a think-in to bring to bear our experience in re-shaping these services to be closer to the best user experience & user value they can be.

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Ian Bergin
Founder & GM