New Status Site for Cogneto Services

As part of our commitment to driving better levels of services for users of PointDNS, StillAlive, Twist & StatusHub, we’ve commissioned a new status site for our customers to track what’s going on with their services with us, which will issue any updates via e-mail/sms & allow a real-time view of what’s going on.

What’s the 4-1-1?

While right now this is a basic view of things, we will be over the coming weeks be adding more details to this to drill down into things. As a further point to this, following any service interruptions or issues that occur, we will send details of any issues to customers via their service control panels as in our experience, given the general e-mail loads that the average person receives, very often these e-mail notifications go unseen, end up in a spam folder, or in another folder of choice due to an e-mail client mail rule. Logging into your service control panel displays any updates in a clearer manner & keeps the experience joined up. Any resolutions will be issued to those on the subscriber lists as part of that process.

This resource is available at:

Why do this?

There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on with services you depend on as part of your mission critical management suite. it’s up to us to communicate any issues with those services you get from us using all the tools at our disposal in a pro-active manner. While most cloud services are delivered on an ‘As-Is-As-Available’ basis, it’s not good enough to take that approach with the basic courtesy of communicating when there’s an issue, & when services are returned to normal. It’s accepted generally that services can have interruptions to availability, communications interruptions are not acceptable.


We want to clearly let you know the who/what/when/why for your services in a transparent way that’s easily digest-able at a glance without having to read a novel to know what’s going on.